• How To Begin My History Research Paper?

How To Begin My History Research Paper?

Criteria for a good research topic – 


The topic should be about something relevant in today’s time and it should have a precise statement. Avoid unnecessary arguments and state only specific issues and events. Keep review of literature under consideration and state facts that are supported with evidence and sources. For history research work, maintain the chronology of events and outline your research structure. For every new idea use a new paragraph and link all of them to your statement. Lastly, the writing style for the research can be analytical, comparative, reflective, or argumentative. 

How to choose the best history topic for your research?


Follow these simple tips step by step to choose the most appropriate topic for your history research paper. 

Select and write down around fifteen to twenty research topics. Then take a take and return to brainstorm, choose the topic that you feel motivates and inspires you. If you are not able to decide and finalize then you can also take help with assignment and research work writing from many online services and experts.

Now that you have decided on your preferred topic, do some research on the topic, and look if you have enough resources and information to write from. If you feel that you can not find a must review of literature then you can change the topic. But keep in mind that references are important if you do not want plagiarism issues in your report. 

Think and develop your thesis statement before writing your body content. Make sure that the thesis statement you have chosen corresponds with your body. 

Format your sources in the correct style, keep your university professions included for any assistance and help. make sure you are stating reliable sources.

Begin with outlining to compose the work in a logical and structured way. 

How to start writing your introduction?


When writing the introduction for your history research paper, add the following things in it to make it more engaging and worthy. 

The introduction should contain topic keywords in its initial sentences. 

Mention the hypothesis, use past tense as it preferred for a narrative flow 

Give reasons for your study, why you choose the topic and why you chose a specific approach

Write a brief review of the literature and how it helped you in your studies. 


Writing a research paper can be very time consuming and tough, no doubt. But once you have chosen the right topic, half your work is done. Your topic and introduction can either make or break your research work. It is the first thing a reader or an examiner will look at and decide whether the research work is worth it or not. If the audience feels that the topic is interesting, they will look at your research too. Students who want 24 hours homework help can help from history experts, they will complete your research work on time and with high perfection.