Reasons to visit Anaheim: you will just love the experience

Your California vacation can’t be fulfilled without visiting Anaheim – the heart of Sout...


  "IT TAKES THAT LONG TO FETCH A GLUE-STICK?!"   Came the stern, deep roar from the oth...

The Good Demon

Alex opened his eyes, and he found himself in a very scary place which had blood all over the walls,...

My Youtube Channel

Hi everyone! I am a singer and I have recently posted a cover of 'God is a woman' originally perform...

Man in the mask

you never know the situations, that let me in. yes i hold my own world that now i use to spin. bet...


Away from the homeland, survivor yearned to go back home, the cherished memories evoked that turn...

Samsung super Asian nation smart phone premium phase in August

Riding on a stellar performance by Note nine, Samsung registered a sixty per cent market share (by v...


The tears no longer fall But I can hear the darkness call I can feel my skin growing colder No lo...

They Are The Women

"Whats your Dream" here no one asks A housewife is what you afterall ought to be.Burying her dreams...

How to stop over thinking?

First of all, you must understand why you want to stop over thinking? Over thinking clutters your m...

How You Can Start Your Own Business In Short Time

So, now you are ready to start your own business. Maybe you are having enough knowledge and having a...

XS, XR, XS Max? The distinction between the new iPhones

XS is that the traditional one. XR is that the low cost one. XS soap is that the huge one. That&rsqu...

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