Just another traffic jam in Bangalore

Girl driving the car has just got down with the keys in her hands and yelling "I can't take it any m...


There are some conditions on which our attachment  for somebody stands,what made things humorou...

The Letter

Last night, I wrote a letterThe letter was meant for youThe words penned in that letterWere heartfel...


Iam driven away by the serendipity of existence and bereavement.You know when you get some ink on yo...


I have only just a minute, Only 60 seconds in it, Forced upon me, can't refuse it, Di...

Advise – Most unwanted thing to receive!

“I am just saying…”“You should do it like this ““I tell you don’t trust that person”...


A place which houses booksand a lot of soulsbecause we are so done with humansa library becomes our ...

Most Offensive certainties about the world

The Universe is brimming with shocks and instabilities. Nobody can legitimize everything, not ...

Where am i safe?

Every second morning i wake up to the news of a girl being raped. Most of the time victim is just no...

The Game Changer

It was pleasant and sunny afternoon of Italy, from far you can hear some Italian song playing in a ...

How things Stand

It's been a year now since the broke up.She asked him "How are things going?" "How are you?"He was S...

Sweet lies

Her smile is but a facile disguiseA clever facade to hide flimsy lies.So happy were we, until she di...

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