Her shorts are not an invitation

The waves are rough, the sun is harsh The weather didn’t meet my expectation Jacket packed i...


Penguins Temporal range: Paleocene-recent, 62–0 Ma PreĐ„ ...

Diamond IS a Failure

...The other i was listening to "Diamonds" by Rihanna. The Intro "Shine Bright like a...

It's stuck in my head

Found a monster Not behind the doors Not under my bed It is stuck in my head. Stress is alive ...

let stay together

Walking Through the busy street , I stare at every strangers face . Seldom do i wish if it was...

Not 'forwarded as received'

Have you ever received a WhatsApp message that sounded more like a warning/announcement and instantl...

#BajrangiTwitter, That Escalated Quickly

I don't use twitter nowadays, but suddenly I get many notifications of  #BajrangiTwitter, i...

Real Incident: Me, My Wife and the Transgender at Vaishno Devi Temple Ahmedabad

It was Sunday evening and I was completely relaxed on that day as no office and not any social work ...

In that moment

For Me, it was like undressing my heart And open up Strip down to the core For you to see m...

white Lion...!

Up until 2009, when the first pride of white lions was reintroduced to the wild, it was widely belie...


beautiful cretures of the earth...

assassins creed

Development Ubisoft Montreal is the lead development studio on Origins, with the team compri...

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