The Vampire

Golden rays from theLate afternoon sunSink their shimmering fingersBack into the Earth.Sister moon y...


If we Google the term 'beauty' , results will include different make up tips, cosmetic products, sli...

Celebrate the spring of life !

“I love him” she whispered.And my eyes filled with anger, perhaps with helplessness too! I could...

And If You Ask Me I Love Him... I would Lie!

I don't think that passenger seatHas ever looked this good to meHe tells me about his nightAnd I cou...

What should i write?

what should i write ?..never felt so real,the dreams,the fight ,the lies ,and the cries.The stars wi...

Indian Media - The Game Of Getting Clicks.

As a blogger I know what it actually means  when someone clicks on my content and increase&nbsp...

Vibrate life.

You are alive and that's what makes sense. Dealing with everyday complications and struggling to ach...

An exclusive with Poetess Romila

Romila is the modern day poetess. Her poetry is written in a minimalistic style with many of her poe...

Indibeam - "Your Pen, Our Page"

    In this cut-throat competitive world, every talent needs a platform to prove...

Where am i safe?

Every second morning i wake up to the news of a girl being raped. Most of the time victim is just no...

The Battle of Universe

The universe set up the stage,the warriors resting in the cage.the owl announced the battle,somethin...

Shadow in the Dark

The city wore the fear of the demons, Scars were the story of the inhabitants., where the day ...

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