• Indian trucking to bounce back in 2021

Indian trucking to bounce back in 2021

The outburst of coronavirus and the lockdown all across the nation to control the spread have led to the inactiveness of more than 80% of the Trukky truckers. Approximately 3.5 lakhs Trukky trucks carrying the non-essential goods are even today stranded all over the country. India is a huge market and is characterized by lofty economic growth and mounting disposable incomes. The pandemic calamity has caused a steep fall in the transport industry but it is expected to bounce back to growth in the year 2021.

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The transporters have urged the government to help nearly 1 crore truckers by releasing an urgent relief package for this industry so that it can bounce back in the year 2021. It can recover with a faster growth rate only if the government extends a helping hand and helps them cope up with the upcoming challenges.

Indian trucking to spring back in 2021 as 

The government is spending on the infrastructure and the roads, which are getting better with each passing day

Enhanced e-commerce sector

 Improved axle norms which will certainly lessen the freight cost

Special help for the drivers that will help in sustaining their families like insurance cover for the Trukky drivers who are thought to be the backbone of the Indian transport industry

Support to the entire staff associated to the transport industry that includes helpers, loaders and unloaders

How can Government help the trucking industry to bounce back-

By including road transport in the National Transport Policy 

Support  of cost based freight

Drivers and the entire staff associated to the transport industry should be insured under the Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojna and ESIC

Other offers like accessibility of soft loans without pledging any Collateral should be given

The loans should have highly minimized EMI’s 

Covid-19 has created a lot of chaos and the transport company industry too was deeply affected. Even the transporters are taking all the necessary measures to upgrade the technology that has lagged behind when compared to the other industries. Analysts are of the view point that if the investments are made as far as staff is related, the industry can bounce back at a much faster pace. The health of the Online Truck Booking sector has been pinned down in this Corona Pandemic, is deteriorating at a faster pace and is almost on a ventilator so needs oxygen to sustain itself

With international borders not operating and national transportation only opening in fits and spurts, companies are drastically cutting down the fleet sizes. It can cause a major threat to this industry and is perhaps the biggest crisis for the transport industry in centuries. The similar factors that resulted in the sleep fall of this sector will bounce back in no time if the government helps the companies and as the growth has returned the rise will be steep in no time. This will certainly give a new shape to the industry structure and the winners will come out emerging from this crisis situation in 2021.