• Is internet controlling you?

Is internet controlling you?

Honestly, we all have the dilemma of using or not using the internet in our free time. Since the pandemic started we all used the internet out of proportion. We haven’t even regretted it because the internet is the only option we think of to pass time or make ourselves entertained. The Internet in hand will make your “To-do” list melt in the dustbin. Stop misusing your time on the internet for worthless things. 

have you ever settled down and thought that you have wasted time on the internet and that's why that task you ignored is pending. Yes, we all regretted it in the end when all-time passed out. The intrusion you get from the internet seems so small but they are very vicious. You complete your tasks in a hurry just to use your cellphone after you get free, Ya that’s the fact and we all do that but that's the wrong way to make our path toward your goals. Still many of us try to detach ourselves from the phone to focus on work but they find it tough.   

Why can't we ignore our phones?

# A New York Psychiatrist found this disarray called internet addiction disorder. Where they noticed the unstable use of phones in humans. And as Humans, We are social creatures In a developmental setting, our mind rewards us for making social connections and afterward inspires us to repeat them.⁣ ⠀

# On the Current date we are so involved with our phones and internet as well. All notifications no matter what it is a text, like, or a mail we rush to watch as soon as possible and this is an addiction. Studies have shown that expanded use of a cell phone is related to anxiety, depression, and sleep disturbances.⁣⠀

# Studies have discovered that those who spent more energy in their social life are discovered to be despondent in their real life. If you unexpectedly feel that your phone is ringing when it isn't ringing, at that point you may be experiencing Phantom ringing condition or Ringxiety.

How to get rid of social life addiction?

1 Keep your phone in the distance when you are working. 

2 Stop using your phone before bedtime for hours and hours.

3 Try to take a digital detox 2 times a week.

4 Use other options to pass your free time without a phone like reading or listening to songs.

5 uninstall games from your phone because it takes more time for you.

6 Put your phone on airplane mode while sleeping.

7 Use a time tracking app to see how much time you use your phone in a single day.

For some humans, checking their smartphones is the first and the last opposite thing they do daily. Phone compulsion prompts nervousness, pressure, and different issues. It additionally influences their efficiency. In this condition, we all should take a “social detoxes break”. By doing so, we can have the energy to use on ourselves. 

10 Daily hacks for ignoring smartphones.

- Do not start your day with a smartphone, Try waking up without a smartphone alarm clock. 

- Do not use smartphones in restrooms.

- Look forward to activities you enjoy without smartphones. 

- Use paper and pen for taking notes instead of smartphone’s notes app

- Put your phone aside while talking to your friends or family. 

- While working if possible then put your smartphone on silent.

- Ignore work-related Emails on vacations.

-Keep your phone at a distance from you while working.

- Read books before sleeping instead of using smartphones.

- Do not use your smartphone while eating food.

Smartphone Addiction, What Causes It? | by Leonard Scott | Medium

Smartphones are not the enemy, we just need to use them properly. It is developed to work out with us in some task and we have to use it in necessary ways. Previously to admit that the phone was used and I am addicted to just check on yourself and use your smartphone wisely.