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Kabra Express

Best time for a solo trip-Throughout the year.

Sometimes crowds are where you actually discover yourself so Mumbai is perfect for the urban travelers seeking new experiences. The way one can know different ways to explore

How can you skip Mumbai? It is one of the best cities for a first solo trip in India. The lively city is a “the city that never sleeps”. Representing Indian diversity, the city is the home to glamour of Bollywood, several heritage sites, pilgrimage, art galleries, museums and thrilling nightlife, beaches, hills and mountains. 

Getting there

Mumbai has its own airport and railway station, you can get to the mega polis easily. The Bus travelling experience with the luxury services like AC Sleeper buses with the Wi-Fi facilities, Newspaper facility, Water bottle, Private Shutter, M Ticket, Hotel facility, Guidance to new places.

 I have experienced these services with the Kabra Express which has given the best luxurious services to every customer. I would love to travel more with Kabra and explore the Unseen places by travelling alone.

Things to do

Ride the local trains, have a taste of the street food, sit on the beaches, walk on Marine drive, check out the historical sites, go club hopping, etc.