• Maintain the Mental Health Of Your Pet With Grooming

Maintain the Mental Health Of Your Pet With Grooming

Proper grooming is important for the physical health of your animal. However, it is just as important for their mental health as well. Many people do not realize that grooming their pets can create a lifelong bond and happiness with their animals. If an animal’s nails go without attention the animal can begin having discomfort when walking. If the nails continue to go unattended the animal can have problems with their feet and possibly not be able to walk at all.

Giving your pet quality time while you are bathing it allows the animal to bond with you. The animal will know that you care for it and so will the people that see your pet. A well-kept animal is often happier than an animal that is not properly groomed. Proper hygiene is important for animals as well as people. The problem for animals is they cannot jump in the shower and wash themselves when they feel like it. You might notice that your cat, dog or hamster seems to wash themselves, this is a sign that the animal needs cleaning. Although he or she is cleaning the majority of areas, there are hard to reach areas. When an animal grooms themselves, they are doing as good of a job as a two-year-old child would do. Even if you allow your child to wash themselves, you still do it again. You need to do the same for your pets.

Think of how great you feel after you have gone to the hair salon and had your hair shampooed and cut. That is the same way your animal feels after you have massaged their bodies with the shampoo and rinsed him or her. Many animals will fight against getting in the tub or having a bath. This is simply because they are afraid of the water, tub and the surroundings. You need to be patient with your animal and persistent. If he or she tries to fight against you, calmly reassure him or her and continue with bathing them. By stopping the process you are only teaching your animal that the behaviour is acceptable and will get them out of uncomfortable situations. Your pet needs to know that you are not going to hurt him or her. However, you need to follow through with the bath.

If you are going to be using clippers on your pet to get rid of some of the mats, you should begin by brushing your pet out. Try to get out some of the tangles before you clip them. Clippers can be a very scary thing, especially to animals. They are loud to them and they feel funny. You will need to be understanding to your pet. Let him or her smell the clippers when they are turned off. Then you can turn them on and slowly bring them to the animal. Talk to your pet and let him or her know they are fine and nothing is going to hurt them. Reassure them frequently and praise them for every little thing they do that is good. Such as standing still, not growling or trying to bite the clippers and so on.

If you make brushing your pet part of a daily routine, your pet will realize it is a positive thing and not want to fight against it so much. Soon, you will see a much happier animal that looks forward to the quality time spent during the brushings. You will also begin to enjoy spending some one on one time with our animal. The more frequently you brush our pet the healthier the coat will become and the less tangled.

Photo by Benjamin Lehman from Pexels