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MartPro Features


Smart Features That Make Your Marketplace Powerful

Build your brand and grow your online business

Product Management:

Cross-Selling on Product Sites

Cross-sell, up-sell and cross-promote random products on the front-end product pages by adding customized recommendations.

New Arrivals

Get your latest products up and ready for purchase by your customers by bringing new arrivals within their reach.

Bulk Import Products

Upload bulk products with an import option that allows you to use CSV files and category mapping to import products and attributes.

Order Management: 

Service Pick-up Point

Add multiple pick-up locations that allow shipping agents to deliver packages faster to the nearest customer location.

Order Status

Send order statuses to customers via e-mail and SMS right from admin for order confirmation, delivery, returns and cancellation.

Client Management:

Pro Membership

Manage paid members efficiently and protect your content based on member levels on one-time payment or recurring subscriptions.

Guest Check-out

This helps to prevent a long check-out process which in turn, will help your customers shop in their spare time without having to register at the beginning.


Marketplace Types

Do you need a marketplace to sell products, provide services, or promote peer-to-peer rentals? We're endorsing it all!

Merchant Apps

Manage on the go with MartPro's merchant apps. Update your store, manage your inventory and complete your orders.

Ordering Features:

Advanced Search & Filter

Search by keywords, lists and types. Filtering and sorting by price, name and rating are also enabled.

Concierge Orders

Give your users the ability to order anything from anywhere. Receive orders via a simple Concierge form filled out by users.

Packages Catalog

Organize the catalog to a range of different levels. Categorize based on sales, type, season, and more.

Order Processing

Fill one or more orders with just one click, make your daily order management a breeze.

Store Management:

Track Items

Always know the status of your products no matter under which you sell - online or offline.

Increased Revenue

Offer promotional rates, discount coupons, volume discounts, and more to help drive more sales.

Allow Payment

Choose from an array of diverse secure ways to accept payments from over 40 different payment options.

Fulfillment and Delivery:

Real-Time Control

Track real-time, optimize routes and schedules and allocate resources in one unified platform.

Automatic Logistics

Assign tasks, schedule, dispatch, and manage orders by automating repetitive tasks.

Optimized Route

Easily navigate to several destinations and guarantee on-time delivery.


100+ Payment Gateways

From Paypal to Razorpay to Paytm, MartPro has incorporated more than 100 external payment gateways from around the world.

Real-Time Payout

Enabling an admin commission would allow you to set up store commissions for offline or online payments.

Marketing and SEO:

Search Engine Optimization

Your Marketplace is built on the best practice of SEO. Easily control your meta tags, visible sitemap and robots.txt files.

Social Login

Users on your marketplace will register and sign in to their Facebook, Google or Instagram accounts.


Attract consumer orders by setting discounts for individual products or the entire product catalog.


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