• Maturity is not a choice

Maturity is not a choice

Today I was just jerking around and I got this thought about maturity. What it is and how some people are very mature while behaving and some are very childish and are careless.  After thinking about few examples, I realized it is not a choice. A person who is matured enough never choose to be this way. It’s just life that made him this way.

Maturity is like that gift your adulthood gives you while you are leaving your childhood behind at your back. You did not sign up for it but you are going to have it anyhow. While adapting new responsibilities of your life you will find yourself indulging in the new era of life where the surroundings will start making more importance than what is going inside your heart. 

In every relationship some do expect maturity in sense of expression because being childish will be the rawest form where equal understanding will be missing always. I feel with age we all starts differentiating between what is right and what is wrong. Maturity can not be acquired by making a decision it is what age and experiences will be giving you with time. 

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