• Monitor Child’s Screen Activities With OgyMogy

Monitor Child’s Screen Activities With OgyMogy

Childhood is the most innocent time of a person's life. But the real deal starts when your child can capture a  smartphone or tablet. That's when life takes a twisted turn. According to a report toddlers and pre-schoolers who are addicted to different kinds of the screen like a television, tablets, and smartphones shows lower brain development especially thein the part that deals with cognitive skills, language and literacy development. This is an alarming situation. Habits incorporate and become part of life so teenagers who have no outdoor activities or interest in sports or any other physical activity are likely those who had a habit of spending too much time on the gadgets in early childhood.

So it is necessary to. keep this under control and cut off the screen time of the kids from the beginning. Several ways can help the parents to cope up with this situation. One is having a monitoring software or commonly known as a spy app. It can help you in a lot of ways without any complicated lengthy process. All you need to do is install a user and pocket friendly app like The OgyMogy.

Check Their Screen Interests:

The basic and foremost thing is that parents must know what are the interests and activities of their kids. Are they into games, or social media apps, etc? You can know all about their activities with the screen recorder feature of the OgyMogy. It allows the user to watch the screen of the target person remotely at any given time. You can watch what are they up to and keep a record of that with a time stamp. This feature also allows the user to watch the screen activities by capturing screenshots and short videos. So you will know at what time your child was busy with the gadget or if he has enough sleep last night or not.

Keep An Eye On The Visited  Online Content:

Another important thing is to keep the kids especially teens away from the evil side of the web world. The Internet has got all kinds of material so it is necessary to make sure that kids are not into any kind of adult or malicious content. The OgyMogy offers track internet history features for the users thus, you can easily check on all the websites visited by your teenager. You can also monitor the bookmarked folder as well to know about the frequently visited sites and interest areas of your kid. This will help you to block and filter certain sites that are not good for the kids and teenagers.

Manage Their Apps:

Smartphones are common and have all kinds of apps available in the app store. Anyone can install them so keep an eye on the installed apps in your child smartphone with OgyMogy. This feature allows the user to know about all the apps installed by the target person. So you can know if he has any violent game app or any dating app etc.

Try To Make Social Media A Safe Place:

The young generation is too much interested in social media. They take that as a source of entertainment and it truly is but excessiveness of anything is bad. There has been an increased rate of online crimes, cyberbullying, and harassment problems. So to make the social media world a better and safe place for their kids is the priority of every parent.OgyMogy offers many spy apps that solely target this issue. It offers different spy apps like Instagram spy app, Facebook spy app,  Whatsapp spy app, Viber spy app, Skype spy app, Line spy app, Spy on Snapchat, spy social media, and more.  In short, OgyMogy covers the majority of the commonly used app that is famous among the young generation. It gives remotes access to the activity log, inbox chat details, voice log book history to the user. So you can know if your child is spending too much time on Twitter or Instagram or sharing personal information on the platform.

OgyMogy offers bundle packages that allow the user to select whatever suits them best. You can keep an eye on your kids through smart monitoring or their tablet or laptop, etc. As OgyMogy offers an android spy app and Windows and Mac screen recording for the users. So feel free to use both and make sure that you know about your child’s activities around the clock.