• New-Age Rental Business Ideas in Sharing Economy for Digital Entrepreneurs

New-Age Rental Business Ideas in Sharing Economy for Digital Entrepreneurs


Factors that drive the growth of the sharing economy include flexibility the business model offers and the convenience of online access to shared goods and services.

MartPro is an ecommerce platform providing an online rental marketplace system that can help entrepreneurs launch a multivendor website. It can be tailored to the needs of the entrepreneur.

Websites built though MartPro is also incorporated with selling functionality so that customers could not only rent items but can also sell them according to requirement. It means, if a user wants to sell anything that he doesn’t need anymore, he can sell on your website. It's one of the features that made MartPro an exciting platform to start an online rental marketplace.

It aspires to revolutionize the renting economy by providing entrepreneurs with an efficient and seamless platform for launching a scalable marketplace. The system can be tailored as per the entrepreneur’s need and you can add any feature at any stage. Furthermore, scalability allows you to expand your business without difficulties.

New-Age Rental Business Ideas in Sharing Economy for Digital Entrepreneurs – A New Way of Doing Business:

MartPro has all fundamental marketplace features and also assists well on all the parameters that are taken into account while launching an online rental portal.

MartPro provides the tools you need to launch your own competitive, cutting-edge eCommerce website. The aspects of renting and selling are already there in the platform and you can customize it further to suit your business model rather than building a website from scratch. It allows you to save both time and money.

The future of the rental business appears to be bright, and with a great website, you can go ways and make unmatched profits.

The Sharing Economy - Benefits

Here are the lists of advantages for both users and companies.

Advantages of the sharing economy for users:

The sharing economy has greatly increased in recent years, owing driven by the fact that users enjoy numerous advantages over established business models such as online stores or long-established service providers.


Due to the platform’s high user-friendliness, it is quick and easy to use. Above all, mobile accessibility via Smartphone apps allows users to access sharing economy services while on the go.


At the same time, the prices of the goods and services offered are generally lower than those of established competitors. Buying used items, renting apartments, and using private transportation services are less expensive than purchasing new products, booking a hotel room, or taking a taxi.

Environmental Protection:

Conscience is also rewarded – fewer goods have to be produced when vehicles are shared and products are re-used and this saves resources and ultimately protects nature. However, this enhancement of the sharing economy should be enjoyed with caution, since consumption or use can also increase as a result of easier availability and lower purchase and usage costs.

Earning potential:

For sellers and service providers, the platforms mean new sources of income. As no special vocational training is required, lateral entrants have a variety of flexible opportunities to earn money and thus increase their revenue. Many providers even make their profit solely from the income generated by the sharing economy.


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