• Pickup and Delivery

Pickup and Delivery

Launch Your Business With On-Demand Pickup and Delivery Software


Grow your business and offer your customers extraordinary experience by introducing them to your customer & complete pickup & delivery software. Delivering products, picking up products, or combining both requires well-organized route planning. After all, you want to serve as many users as possible with as few vehicles and kilometres as possible.


MartPro saves time and money by automatically generating optimal routes and increasing fleet efficiency. Furthermore, our software also considers time windows and other requirements. You can easily execute manual changes. As such, you remain in control.


On Demand Pickup And Delivery App Features


Route Tracking

Live tracking of product and the Agent’s route.


Payment Options

Customers can choose the mode of payment from a wide variety of options.


Sales Report

It helps you to analyze and grow the business with real-time insights.


Order Management

Manage your product order from anywhere either it's sales or purchase.


Menu Styles

Live updates about orders and purchases.


Instant Notification

Users will receive the notification for the various actions performed related to their product.


Real-time visibility, improved efficiency On-Demand Pickup & Delivery scheduling software


Delivery Agent


Less delivery and pick-up errors

Faster data input and clear instructions

Full traceability of goods and transit assets




Real-time visibility on status of pick-up/delivery

Last-minute order and pick-up agility

Instant information in case of incident (e.g. ETA)




Improved SLA adherence and KPI monitoring

Real-time and historic performance reports

Cost savings through controlled returnable asset management


Dispatch Team


Instant and proactive customer communications such as ETA

Flexible re-assignment of unforeseen pick-ups and deliveries

Reduced errors and back-office administration


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