This policy tells you about all the information that is collected by us when you use Indibeams’ services and content.

This also explains about how the information is stored, used and managed.

This is necessary because We, at Indibeam, not just aim to comply with the privacy and cyber-security laws. We aim to earn your trust and confidence.


Our website address is (insert website address) and we are a public platform for writers across the globe.

The web tracking that we do at Indibeam is to provide you with the best possible experience. This includes key features like personalizing what posts you frequently see based on what we think you will like or prefer to view.

So, for your comfort, we collect the information with your interaction from our services.

Some of this information is actively communicated to us by you, such as your name and e-mail address (at the time of registration).

Other information that we collect include the ones based on what actions you take while using Indibeam such as what pages and posts you view and your use of our product features (for eg: liking a post).

The above mentioned information includes records of the said interactions, your IP (Internet Protocol) address, information about your device, and referral information (about how you got to a particular page/post).

This information collected by us is used to-

        1. Personalize your experience on Indibeam;

        2. To provide, improve and promote the product features;

        3. Generate a non-identifying, average information about the usage of various services by our users.

Upon registration on Indibeam, you authenticate the same with a third-party service (Eg: e-mail confirmation) or log-in via Facebook or Google; we may collect, store and periodically update information associated with the respective third-party account (for eg: list of friends).

However, we will never publish anything through any of your third-party accounts without your prior permission.


Indibeam won’t sell or transfer any of your information to a third-party for the purpose of third-party advertising. However, your account information can only be transferred to third parties in the following circumstances- 

        1. With your prior expressive consent;

        2. To a service provider who meets our standards of data protection;

        3. With academic or non-profit researchers (after aggregation, anonymization or pseudonymization;

        4. When it is required by law or any legal process;

        5. In order to help prevent any form of harm to someone.

In situations where we have no option but to share your information in response to any emergency (such as a legal process), we will give you a prior notice so you can challenge it, unless we are prohibited by law. For your safety and security, we will certainly object to legal requests for information about our users that we believe are improper.

Note: Indibeam reserves the right to

        1. delete and/or modify the posts and pages on our website;

        2. delete users from our website

The above mentioned scenarios would occur only in times of emergencies or situations demanding similar actions.


Search engines may index or track your profile page, public interactions and posts. Users may also share links of your posts on Indibeam on other social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.


Some of the graphics (for eg- YouTube or Vimeo videos, Giphy or Imgur gifs, SoundCloud audio files, Twitter tweets, documents from Scribd) that you see on Indibeam are hosted by a third-party and embedded on the post. 

These files send data to the third-party website as if you were directly visiting a website (for eg- if you open a YouTube link from Indibeam, you will be redirected to the same video on YouTube, and YouTube receives data about your activity, such as your IP address).

Indibeam doesn’t control, or is responsible for what data the third party collects in the above mentioned cases, or what they do with the data. Hence, third-party embeds are not covered by the Indibeam Privacy Policy. Such embeds are covered by the respective third-party websites.

Some of these embeds may also ask you for your personal information when you open the embed. We do our best to protect you and your information, however, the information that you enter while opening the embed is not protected by us; it is not covered by our privacy policy; hence, we are not responsible as to how the third-party manages your data. So, please be careful while sharing your data on any of the embedded forms on Indibeam.


Indibeam uses browser cookies and similar technologies in order for us to be able to recognize you when you revisit our website. These cookies are used in various ways, for eg- to keep you logged in, remember your preferences, personalize your content etc.


We use encryption to protect data transferred to and from our site. However, we do not ensure 100% security as nothing over the internet is completely safe. You use the services at your own risk.


We reserve the right to make changes to our site, policies, and the Terms of Use at any point of time. However, you will be informed about the same.

Indibeam may periodically update its’ Privacy Policy. However, we will notify you about any significant changes made to the same, as and when we do it.

Users possess the rights to transfer their information across the web, and withdraw their account from Indibeam by deleting their account, as and when they feel the need to do so. Your information may stay with us for some time, before getting deleted from our system.


Please review our other policies on this website. These policies also govern your visit to the site. We reserve the right to make changes to our site, policies and the ‘Terms Of Use’ at any time. 

If any of these conditions shall be deemed invalid, void or for any reason unenforceable , that condition shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining condition.