• Talk productive and I will be your best friend.

Talk productive and I will be your best friend.

Digitalisation has occupied a major place today in the market of startups. Everywhere I see or observe youth, I am delighted to see them taking so much initiative in their own personal brands and many women bloggers and influencers adding an exceptional level of clarity in their work by instead of simply sitting at home. It often leaves me in amazement to see them getting creative and talking productively. Women in a house are no more the one to cook all time or a man not only focus on his 9 to 5 job, most of them have their own startups apart from the routine life work. Their voices are screaming through their work.

I have started my own little world Indibeam almost a year ago, it is working exceptionally well for me. I was sure that it will do well for me because I was highly determined than with the project but little did I know that it will bring a revolution for the young writers. Everyone was keen when I started my project for them and Indibeam keeps on receiving love from the day of its established till today by so many of us writing unique content everyday.

 I have a work life, then I have to take care of Indibeam technicalities everyday, but whenever I get time, I take the time to read the articles on Indibeam and check posts on social media. I am inspired even today by the overflowing talents of our people. They are infectious with their words, and often I make sure to create a buzz with a little bit of my personal positive energy through posts. 


One such startup inspired tweet Came in my mind recently created a buzz in social media and the conversation went on as.

I tweeted : Talk Productive and I will be your best friend To which a friend of mine immediately responded -


Shubham -Ok can you tell me about Warren Buffet? Don't Google. :D

Me - He used to tell one thing to people - "Increase source of income to earn more" do not depend on only one income source.

Shubham - Tips to increase source of Income?

if you have an idea, start it anyway. Nothing is stoping you, No excuse. It will take time but it is worth waiting.

Shubham - Correct, Inorder to acheive something the first step is To Start.
And what about Focus?
Kyu jabbhi hum koi cheez start karne ki sochte hai to bohot sare confusions aur fears ke thoughts aane lagte hai?
( Why do we get confused or fear about the idea of starting anything new?)

Me -Lack of confidence, Lack of understanding, Lack of analysis. Jab khud ke business model pe hi confident nahi hai to yahi hoga. Use samajna hi uska solution hai... Uske liye pre analysis much needed hai.
(confidence, if we can't we confident about our own startup idea then the solution is to clarify our own idea to ourselves first. For this ore analysis of the plan is much needed)

Shubham - Kabhi kabhi esa bhi hota hai ki 100¯fort dene ke baad bhi expected results nahi milte
(sometimes even 100% hardwork do not give expected results why?)

ME - Wahan Srimad Bhagwad Geeta Ji ka gyan yaad rakho... "Karma kar, fal ki aasha mat rakh"

Also I believe 100% hardwork means sure success, reexamine your efforts it must be 100% but the place where you are investing your hardwork might be wrong - Smartness matters too, it is all about experience and digital brains, you can either do a work in 5 minutes with your prudence or even spent a week full into it - it is upto you to use your knowledge wisely.
(Keep in mind, keep doing your work without expecting the fruits from it says as in Bhagwad Geeta ji)

Shubham - Does Meditation helps in productivity and focus?

ME - Experience helps for sure.

And this is how a simple twitter tweet became a powerful conversation on Startup and learning experience for many who were seeking some gyan on the same.