• Thanks stranger

Thanks stranger

"Dear stranger,

I just realized, a stranger is the best person to talk.

At first, I was so confused of how am I supposed to write about you.

But here I go..
Thank you for being there when I had completely lost myself. I had no one to talk to. It is because of you that I am able to look at my journey of life from a totally different perspective. I never had myself in this situation before. My life has changed. I am now able to make my own decisions, more wisely and consciously. I know it’s too early to recognise the change, but the good thing is, I am changing.”

If I ever get a chance to talk to a stanger, the above words would be my letter for her.

In Dec 2019, I had messed up with my life and my situations. Nothing was going in the way I am expecting. I was carrying the bubble of negativity. But there came a flip along with new year. First four days were terrible and later I met her. I realised that she matters to me.

She was a stranger, a completely unknown person. She taught me how to stay calm in every situation. She make me realise that I can achieve the things even after bad start. What she has taught me cannot be shared. The talks that happened within us, will stay within us.

How can I thank a stranger for helping me? The best thing between us was that, she was a stranger and thats the worst part too. She was a stranger, she is a stranger and will always be.

2020 is a disaster year for most of us. But for me it is one of the best year. In the beginning of year I met you and I achieved so many things on my own or should I say confidence given by her.

I would like to meet that stranger again. Hopefully we will meet again with good notes.

Thank you. Lots of love.