• The Era of Jamstack Development in the Digital Industry with StackGround

The Era of Jamstack Development in the Digital Industry with StackGround

Saving the cost and the time is very important but the modern technology and the poorly stacked software product will be generating results apparently but will be difficult in enhancement, efficiency and effectiveness. It helps you cover the future requirements and changes so a little more time at the initial stage saves a lot of time, cost and produces an efficient software product. Jamstack is the new year technology trend making people believe in a de-coupled approach supporting the micro-services. 

If you're a blogger or a home-based business owner you have to be searching out an extremely good website choice making your business look innovative, modern and professional which is provided through Jamstack. The website should match the fast-paced digital industry where new businesses are being launched each day. 

Jamstack based website development

The jamstack technology is based on building the website frontend on one platform and maintaining the back-end i.e. content on a separate platform. The static site generators play the role of front-end making it more secure and fast since the backend and the database is not directly associated with it. However, the content is being managed through the headless CMS where you can enter the pages, categories and the content that will be displayed on a certain theme on the SSGs.      

Gatsby Themes is one of the most famous static site generators and works successfully with headless CMS like WordPress and others making all the modern design websites for businesses and individual needs. Gatsby WordPress themes and templates are the modern stack web platforms based on jamstack technology providing all the benefits of the modern technology.   

What is Jamstack Technology

The question that is raised during this discussion is which programming language they will choose, Python or Java? What’s the best choice for framework Node.js or Flask? Where will the front-end build use the option like React, Angular or Vue.JS? What about the database matching the requirement product MongoDB or MySQL? What will be the hosting site Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS? All these questions are based on the tech-stackground that is the decision starting from front-end to the hosting and each technical decision is interrelated and based on this stack. You can define it as the set of frameworks and tools that are used in the development of software. 

Jamstack is the approach of decoupling the frontend and backend and making their connection through APIs. The same concept you might have studied in cloud computing where you are asked to make micro-services, i.e. break down the processes into smaller parts so that it is easily managed and faster as compared to the monolithic approach of development. 

Industrial choice of the year 2021

The right stack affects the performance of the software to a greater extent the coding technique will be based on the stack and speed of development of the software will be affected. Take an example of Jamstack websites that are faster and secure with its architecture more efficient and gives greater results to all the stakeholders of the product.