• This Generation

This Generation

This article is for those who think this generation is doomed. The Kalyugi generation. This little piece is just an attempt to bridge the gap. This is a reminder that they are not responsible alone for the way they're turning out and that modernity does not always mean bad. Of course there are always exceptions to a situation.

This generation is a very condemned one. This generation is too busy on their gadgets rather than outdoors because the previous generation wasn't brave enough to keep the grounds safe for them. This generation is rash in relationships because they have to figure out on their own the feelings that the previous generation forgot to tell them about. This generation is drifting away from traditions because the previous generation did not bother to understand the logic behind them. This generation is consuming toxicants because the previous generation poisoned everything they intake. This generation is always competing and in a rush because the previous generation succumbed to the available opportunities and forgot to create new ones. This generation runs from commitments because they have seen the ruined marriages of the previous generation. This generation prefers to be alone because they've seen right through the pretense of the previous generation. This generation is rebelling because the previous generation did not raise the right questions. This generation finds it hard to face reality because the previous generation prepared them for a world that did not exist anymore. This generation is hollow and depressed because they're tired of acting brave and proving themselves to a generation that forsook them.

Every generation has it's good and bad. In general, the previous generation had it worse from their ancestors. With whatever they were handed over, this generation is trying to figure it out in the best way they can. They are smart, logical, creative, more aware of their primitive feelings, more eager to take initiative, but they lack depth, compassion, discipline and control. Instead of blame, this generation needs guidance with reason on where it is going wrong and encouragement for their attempt to make the world a better place.

Quietly, with the weight on their shoulders, in their own way, this generation is trying to change the world. Unpopular opinion, but I am proud of this generation.