• Top 9 essential tips to find your soul by solo travelling

Top 9 essential tips to find your soul by solo travelling

                                  “I just want to go around where no one can notice me” 

                                                                                                   - every frustrated human these days.



We all are so tired of our daily life that we can't even give time to ourselves. And that’s how it all started. Most of us are having a hectic day-to-day schedule for work or other stuff. We are constantly running for our dreams but in this race, we forget to take a break and relax. 

Finding your soul is not that scathing. You just need to give some time to yourself only. And the purpose of this soul hunting task is only to give yourself a golden chance to grow and learn something new again. Hence, send mail to your boss for short vacation leave and pack your bags.

Wait!!! Before you move, I have some guidelines for you to find your soul in a beautiful, better, and best way.  

Trust yourself don't be scared

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The plan of solo traveling might be a little terrifying but trust yourself that you can do it anyway and plan according to our likes and dislikes because it’s on you how you wanna spend your time and where you wanna spend it. Appreciate yourself and choose wisely what you deserve. 



Do research 

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Before you start your solo trip just make sure to get all information about the place you are gonna visit so you can set all nearby areas in your mind to travel easily. Check crisis solutions near you to get instant solutions when needed. 

choose secure and reliable stay point

Hotels or any other options you book for your solo trip stay just add safer and well-founded places to your list because in traveling alone it would be a bit risky to stay in cheap hotels so keep your eyes on well-rated places.  


Carry necessary stuff

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You should prefer one backpack and one handbag for yourself on solo traveling so you can travel and walk comfortably. And ensure to put more needed stuff in your bag and don’t prefer to take extra luggage for more stuff to take with you. Just remove some of your stuff which is not that important to take on a solo trip. 



Stick to public places

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At new places, it's fine to be surrounded by people for safety purposes because we don't have any idea about that new place or all those new people so prefer not to be alone or not to be near any small groups. Check the current location hourly so that if you lost your phone or something happens you can at least find nearby areas and your stay point. 



Avoid eating unhealthy

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While traveling either on the trip be hydrated and go for healthy food if possible because on solo traveling you are the only one to take care of yourself if your health gets disturbed by junk food and it all will mess up your trip, mood, and important health. Carry required medicines for any health issues and avoid eating local food.  


Know whos, not your friend

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In solo traveling, you will meet new people from new places and new backgrounds and maybe they are good but what if they are not. Just keep your one-distance line from new people and don't share so many details about you with them. Don't make sudden outings with strangers. And if you do then in this case just be aware and all precautions to not get into any trouble.




Get good sleep

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In the energetic mood of solo trips don’t get overexcited and get some sleep time by time because relaxation is also mandatory in solo trips. And without it, you will not get more energy for the next day. Disturbing your sleep schedule is not good for your health and it will affect your mind as well as body therefore, rest in between. 



Go for walks 

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For this new experience choose to go on a solo walk to explore the new city you are visiting. During walks, you can observe your surroundings. Inspect the sunset of that city, How birds go back to their home in the evening, and how beautiful flowers are looking in that nearby garden. Every city has its glam. You just need an eye to catch them all. 



Enjoy your solitude

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Be your friend instead of upsetting yourself with the thoughts of work, heartbreak, or any other life problems. Give yourself appreciation for being this hardworking and this strong from long. Feel your soul and talk to it for a while. Understand what it needs more than what it wants. Find out your own mistake by yourself and give yourself a chance to work on it. 



Once in a lifetime, everyone should give a shot to this solo trip plan before losing themselves. Don't wait for the chance, just grab your chance and set your solo trip plan as soon as possible.