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What Is Travel Distribution?

The travel distribution system is an evolving creature, there are always new players, consolidations, new technologies, and devices. So how do you as a tourism operator keep pace? The first step is to understand the landscape and who are the initial players in online travel distribution.

However, large-scale distribution remains a challenge, particularly for companies that sell multiple products, have contracts with multiple suppliers and work with hundreds and thousands of agents.


How Does The Travel Distribution System Work?

The travel distribution system has customarily been very structured with clearly defined functions for a single role in the chain. However, online technology and company mergers have transformed the tourism industry, with an increasing amount of crossover in the roles and functions of different sectors of the distribution system. Businesses are engaging a mix of distribution partners to ensure the most impressive way of reaching their target consumers. 

As this distribution system continues to evolve, it is essential to understand the structure of the companies that you work with and their relationships with other organizations. With the growth of the internet, many traditional travel distributors such as wholesalers and travel agents are taking an online approach as well as providing their services from a retail shop front. There has also been a development in online travel agencies (OTAs) that operate solely in the online environment.

Both online and traditional distribution partners have the opportunity to work with each other and directly with products and customers. Therefore, it is vital to understand each partner’s role and how your product can advantageous of their part in the distribution network.


Why Work With Travel Distributors?

Travel distributors allow you to develop your customer base far beyond the reach of your own limited marketing budget. They are essential to the inbound tourism industry as overseas consumers still rely heavily on the advice of local travel experts when planning and booking their holidays, particularly in long-haul and emerging markets. 

Travel distributors can also offer market intelligence, insights, and advice on a specific market. The travel distribution system covers all the channels through which an international traveler can buy your product. Other than approaching you directly, international travelers may book your product.


IT Solutions for Travel Distribution:

The travel industry is empowering consumers to book online using dynamic channel distribution methods. As the market is highly competitive and intuitive in response to the fares, consumers rely on comparing provides to get the best deals. Thus, there lies an incredible opportunity for travel agencies to provide attractive deals with a focus on consumer choices.

The Travel distribution system covers all the channels through which travel is bought and sold. Distribution channels and consumer purchasing behavior varies from market to market and one requires understanding the structure of the distribution system specific to one’s target markets.

When considering how best to distribute your product to international consumers, it is necessary to understand each channel and the relationships between companies within the distribution channel. Suppliers and wholesalers with their own inventory of flights, hotels and other products rely heavily on b2b channels, as it’s difficult for them to physically serve end customers in various markets.

The two main b2b channels for such companies are OTAs and independent local agents. In this post we will see at the role of the local agents in the distribution chain and how travel companies can use technology to get the most out of distributors.


Key Entities In The Travel Distribution:

Suppliers such as hotels, airlines, car rental companies and other owners of inventory

Aggregators/wholesalers (GDSs, Bedbanks, Consolidators etc)

Inbound tour operators that work through a network of b2b agents

Local travel agents/distributors that handle a small region and sell products on behalf of tour operators or supplier

Online Travel Agencies, or OTAs – which sell through travel portals and internet booking engines (Expedia, Booking.com etc)

Metasearch engines & Price Comparison sites.


How TripFro Simplifies Distribution?

TripFro with its Distribution and ERP capabilities enables large travel providers to aggregate content from multiple third-party suppliers, combine it with their direct contracts, dynamically apply pre-configured business rules and redistribute the inventory through a unified API across all their marketing channels.

Our distribution engine is an SOA (Services Oriented Architecture) based solution that allows companies to scale quickly while providing them the flexibility to integrate their existing technology.

Within the travel technology market, there are solution providers that offer solutions to various types of travel businesses under one roof, but also vendors that focus on a specific segment within the industry, e.g., leisure travel agencies, or DMCs, or TMCs the best fit is for you.

Using our unique web-services-based architecture, they can pull and push data from their existing systems, be it their CRM, Accounting system or their PMS/CRS through APIs. A centralized system makes it easy for large companies to manage and control their distribution channels. 

Another important thing to note here is that the extensive supplier integration experience that travel technology companies possess allows them to recommend the right suppliers in each region to get the best possible inventory for their B2C and B2B customers. Plus, they have ready connections for all major XML suppliers and can integrate their APIs into your website in a matter of days.


To know more about TripFro Travel Distribution System,

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