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Travel Insurance | Travel Insurance API | Travel Insurance Integration

Travel Insurance - A Potential Growth Driver for the Travel Industry

TripFro offers travel insurance integration with your travel booking engine that provides your customers with numerous coverage while going on vacation. The Travel Insurance module offers your clients a huge spectrum of coverage options for vacations of all kinds. We offer the best Travel Insurance API integration services for online travel agencies with the best insurance suppliers.

What Is Travel Insurance?

As a travel agent, your responsibilities extend far more than just booking flights and accommodation. These are essential parts of the job, but there are also less glamorous parts to focus on. One such intellectual task is to arrange insurance. However, you will thank yourself and your clients, too, for avoiding a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Planning is essential when traveling. Lost luggage is all too common, as it suddenly falls ill in a strange land. Or to have to cancel a flight due to various unavoidable circumstances. All these additions can not only lead to a great deal of inconvenience for your clients, but also to additional costs.

This is where travel insurance plays an important role. Many clients have come to regret facing this small yet important element when it is too late. Travel insurance is not a need in today’s time, it is a requirement.

Travel insurance is not to be considered as an optional extra because both customers and travel companies need to insist on travel insurance. In addition to offering basic coverage, most renowned travel insurance also offers additional emergency coverage.

Travel insurance API integration is globally on-trend. OTAs and TMCs earn huge commissions on the travel insurance service booked by customers. Generally, travel insurance provider travel agent booking services for flight bookings and domestic & global tours. It provides excellent emergency assistance to domestic and international travelers.

There are a lot of travel insurance packages out there today. So it's a matter of choosing what's right for your client's needs. Different people have different requirements, and as varied as their itineraries are, so their insurance coverage will be. Featured here are some of the industry's best travel insurance suppliers for you to click through.

Many companies selling tickets or travel packages allow consumers to purchase travel insurance, also known as travelers insurance. Some travel policies cover damage to personal property, rental equipment, such as rental cars, or even the cost of paying a ransom.

Frequently sold as a package, travel insurance may include many types of coverage. The main categories of travel insurance include travel cancellation or interruption coverage, baggage and personal insurance coverage, medical coverage, and accidental death or accident coverage.

Coverage often includes 24/7 emergency services, such as replacing lost passports, cash wire assistance, and rebooking canceled flights. Besides, some travel insurance policies may duplicate existing coverage by other providers or protect costs that would be refunded by other means.

Travel Insurance Integration Services - For Travel Agencies, Tour Operator, and DMCs

TripFro offers Travel Insurance API integration facilities with leading travel insurance suppliers ideal for online travel companies wishing to sell insurance with their other products.

With our full suite of insurance APIs, we facilitate the rapid integration of insurance products into any digital distribution and sales channels.

Our Travel Insurance API offers an effective solution for selling our travel insurance, taking care of all the business rules, pricing configurations, and payments for you!

Travel insurance is an essential insurance plan that you purchase at the time of booking your trip to protect yourself against the uncertain risks and financial losses that take place at the time of your trip. 

These losses may be of different categories, such as travel accidents, medical emergency expenses, lost or delayed luggage, delays in arrivals, flight injuries, cancellation of travel, or loss of passport and visa documents.

TripFro introduces the Travel Insurance module; a smart solution to meet all travelers' insurance requirements and provide them with the best possible protection against medical emergencies, travel cancellations, and financial crises while traveling abroad.

Travel Insurance Module offers travelers a modern and comprehensive travel insurance scheme to protect themselves against all odds when traveling abroad and facilitates customized travel insurance plans for solo travelers, family travel, and group travel.

TripFro is offering travel insurance integration as a fully integrated part of our Internet Booking Engine. We offer the integration of several renowned insurance providers so that you can offer your customers a wide range of coverage options for their vacations of all kinds.

In addition to offering insurance as an 'in-flight' feature, where you offer your customers the choice of availing insurance as part of their ticketing process, we also offer it as a 'standalone feature' so that you can make additional choices for your customers.

To make travel insurance available to customers easily and conveniently, we ensure that the travel insurance integration services we provide can meet various geographical requirements, such as multi-language and multi-currency.

Whether it's a single trip, a multi-trip, or a family vacation, your website would be able to provide insurance coverage to your customers. Also, TripFro Travel Insurance integration will help you retain your customers, add to your revenue, improve customer satisfaction and bring a new customer base.

With among the most popular global names in the field of travel insurance, such as Bajaj Allianz, Mondial Assistance and Alfa Strakhovanie integrated into your website; TripFro helps you deliver the best and most proactive service to your customers.

We at TripFro offer you fully integrated travel insurance. We have the integration of different insurance providers, so you can offer your end-customer a variety of options for their vacation choice.

Solutions are designed to connect airlines, retail travel agencies, online travel agencies, and travel management companies with a comprehensive portfolio of travel insurance options.

Key features of Insurance API Integration:

Quick integration with policy service providers

Cross-sale abilities

A pool of insurance agencies to select from

Quick & hassle-free policy issuing

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