• What is SEO? The Art Of Getting Noticed

What is SEO? The Art Of Getting Noticed

There are millions of people around the world trying their hardest to sell their stuff to you. In form of a product, video, audio, book and more. Customer acquisition is one of the hottest and hardest tasks at this time. the cost of acquiring a paying customer depends on the product you want to sell. The highest CAC is for software, they would spend up to $400 per customer because the end product is much costlier. A real estate agency pays an average of $100 for paid searches because selling a house could return much more than the initial investment.

Why am I telling you all of this? We all know how advertising works at some level and the staggering amount of money they spend. Yes, that's true but do you know among those millions of people who try to get your attention to buy their product, there is just a few percent of them don't want to sell you anything. Well, not exactly anything but not a physical product or software at least at one point. They don't want to sell you stuff, they just want you to find your answer, of course on their website.

Blogger, there are millions and millions of websites on the internet with a sole focus on providing you with the right answer. How do they get your attention? With three big letters, SEO. search engine optimization. Basically, they are playing a cat and mouse games with the search engines to get your attention.

What is SEO?

When I searched for the exact same thing, google search the internet under one second and came back with more than 6 billion results. The answer is the process of improving your site to increase its visibility for relevant searches. Of course, I copied it from the first result but in layman's terms, SEO is a way to get noticed on a search engine.

Think of Google as the hottest girl in your college and of course you want to be her number one choice. Just like in real life, you cannot force Google to choose you, however, you can become so irresistible that she would come to you. You dress nicely(website formate), comb your hair(add value), perform well in study and athletics(high quality), attract attention from other girls(Backlinks) and bam, you are on her radar. But what about other suitable choices?

A quick checklist for the autumn – Active Learning in Political Science ©

Yes, you are not the only one who is trying hard to get her attention. But it's not a sprint but a marathon.  You need to wait for few months and full fill Google checklist. Above all, you need to be useful to the community. Nothing is sexier than a guy helping an elderly cross the road or solving other people's problems. You see, our Hot girl google doesn't just trust anyone, she sends her friends(Googlebot) to evaluate(crawl) every boy in the college. If her friend finds you worthy, you will be on her list(Indexing).

The next step is the reference(Link Building), what other people are saying about you. Did your advice help someone? Did they actually refer you back to someone and talked about it on social media(profile and social media backlink)? Our hot friend google need to confirm that you are the good guy from the most authentic people with higher status(High DA and PA). Like professors, senior students who specialize in just one subject, janitor whom you help with simple instruction, and more.

Basically, before Google trusts you enough to be near her, she will keep a tab on you. Suppose you behave adequately, help others, and prove your worth, then she will put you on her top 10 list. As time goes by and more people came to you for help, she will gradually move you up and finally put you on the number one spot.

Now, just like any hot girl with a trust issue, she won't believe you blindly and always be your favorite. Every once in a while, her friend will be checking you out(Reindexing) and you need to change accordingly to her demands(Update Content). If you pass their test(Google Core Update), you will retain the number one position.

However, there is a new guy on the campus making a lot of buzzes and caught your girl’s attention. He will be doing exactly the same as you did and slowly but steadily get on her list. Now don’t expect loyalty from your girl Google as she will choose anyone she wishes. After all, the hottest girl in the college has a right to choose anyone.

The First Page of Google, by the Numbers

I hope I didn't go too far in my metaphor and you were actually following my thought train. Basically, google needs to index your website by crawling it with a google bot. If your website is not indexed, it won't show up on the result. Then it needs to index keywords, Keywords are like search queries. One word queries have a higher volume and by volume, i mean more people are searching for it. If it's more than one or two words, it becomes a long-tail keyword. they are easy to rank but sometimes hard to integrate with content.

Then there are backlinks. Backlinks are like referrals. You ask your friend about a movie and he suggested one, then you ask another and he suggested the same movie. It means two authentic sources suggested one movie and it becomes valuable and that's how backlink works. Just like, I will ask you to read this amazing guide on freelance content writing and you will be like Meh, it's ok. But then my friend with 50 thousand Twitter followers suggest you read it, you will be like, ok, I have to check it out.

To summarize this whole article, SEO is the art of getting noticed by an AI. Google has lots of guidelines are rules and you need to follow them in order to get noticed. Once Google finds values in your website and more specifically your article, it will move you up. There are hundreds of factors involved in this and honestly, I am not aware of them all. But this is not a guide for Pro blogger, this is for the normal simpleton like you and me. I hope you enjoyed it follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Quora.